H.A.F (Heavy Assualt Frigate) now with half made interior and fully made engines

erm, hey guys. hope that you guys dont have a go at me for making too many spaceships. anyway, the ship so far is a basic model for a prototype hybrid frigate.

I will try to add: a bridge, torpedo tubes, more weapons, armour, sheild generators, exhausts, better hangars and more detail in general.
i am open to any comments or crits and thanks for viewing. enjoy!


i like the shape to it it is very slick.

thanks, it is shaped like a half torpedo for a reason, might make an animation of what it does, when i have the time

hmm… seems too big to be ranked as a frigate, but not a bad model! :slight_smile:

as for a space ship id say the bottom is way too flat… :wink:

as for a space ship id say the bottom is way too flat… :wink:
actually it is supposed to be like that…what? i hear you ask. well the “prototype hybrid frigates” will be able to connect at the bottom and possibly other places to make destroyers, and if you have lots of them you can make cruisers and so on. i just havent made the connecting apperatus at the bottom yet

ok, i have finished the joining apperatus and have rendered a veiw of the front. i have also given you guys a render of the destroyer (2 of them attached) version


ok guys, i have just made an animation of it in action (infact my first ever animation. HOOORAH!) but how would i go about saving the actual animation itself so i can share it?

ok so i have added torpedo tubes to the back half and re inseted the windows because somehow they have become un intseted. i have added a bridge and given sheild generators


first of all i love all your ships you have a very unique style that works very well. second if you want to render out your animation go to the render panel F9 and change jpeg to whatever video format you want, then click render, simple. it renders it frame by frame though so if its a long animation it could take a long time to finish.

wel firstly thanks!!! im glad to know somebody loves the ships! :smiley:

and secondly i have finished the animation, all animated and playing, but how would i go about sharing it?

your welcome and you could put it on youtube, or you could look for a file hosting site, rapidshare is one just google, ull find loads

heheh, actually no ‘what’ in there, i kinda though you had some idea with it, or would add something, just didnt ave anything else to nit-pick on! :slight_smile:

I find you irritating Blah, so i don’t know why im posting but ‘photobucket’ to upload your animations. They are generous with the res, up to 800*600 i think! Double check that.

so do i just upload the blend file to places?

ok, does anyone have any ideas on how to make nice exhausts…evrytime i try it it looks stupid.

ok guys, starting to add more detail now, more guns and comm arrays added, and i havent taken a pic of it yet but i am starting on an engine inside.


i am currently making the full insides of the thrusters, should be done by tomorrow…

i jave finished the thruster insides…just rendering the insane complexity of it all…this could take a while. in the mean time has anybody got any suggestions of anything to add to the ship?

anyone got any techniques for exhausts? i really need one before i can finish the engines.

heh, oh well, here are the renders for the engines. these wont actually be used in the actual model, just for fun really