H.A.N.Glider (BlenderGuru Future Thech Comptetiton)

This is my current WIP for the BlenderGuru competition going on right now.
Initially inspired by Neal Stevenson’s Novel “Seveneves”, this is my High-Altitude Nanofiber Glider or “H.A.N.Glider”.
I wanted materials of this machine to look very advanced, while keeping the mechanics simple. The idea is that the materials are so lightweight that a human can fly this to the edge of space without need of propulsion.
I still have some detailing to work out, but I’d love to get some critical feedback from the people on blenderartists!

It looks good, however unrealistic.

How does it turn? I see an elevator, but no method of turning. The size and shape of the wings along with the harness would prevent or reduce a weight distribution type of turn. The elevator doesnt appear to rotate sideways but that is just on appearance.
I would suggest some type of flapping system being integrated into the wings. This could be done with a simple bump map. It would appear more realistic as far as function goes.

The 2nd thing, add some clouds or something. This is a good pic that needs a background. Dont overdo it but also make sure there are no holes in the image that would give the impression of an unfinished work. Maybe add a building super cell with some lightning in the distance.

3, the lighter gradient in the lower left, that isnt lining up with the light shadow cast on the character. I would remove it. It is lookin like the sun is setting to the far right side of the glider, but the character is displaying the light source being close to center line and low in the front. This makes it seem unrealistic.

in the scope of things, these are very minor and your work looks very good. a few more tweaks and you will be golden

Here’s an update for my the glider. Just a bit of a closeup to show some of the coloring.
Stand-in background for the moment (from rOEN911 on deviantart).
I would love to create a background like that, but I’m having a really hard time finding any tutorials or guides on making such large scale terrain. If anyone has any links to good tutorials of that nature I would be very appreciative!

Anyway, a bit more detail work needed, and C&C is welcome!