H1N1 game

Here is the new link.

My 1st blender completed game. I made it for an uncle
who had a cold. You’ll understand when you play.

Download file, click on ‘the sick game.exe’ and extract. Then
click on extracted ‘the sick game.exe’ file to play.


Screenshots so we can see what it’s like? :slight_smile:

Good idea for a game, but the graphics aren’t that much creative and colorfull…

Bet this will be a viral game

Ohhhhhh that was a bad one. Oh dear.

H1N1 i guess some people will get offended by that title

It’s my first game. . . gimme a break :wink:

Congrats on finishing your first game! I’d say that’s more than most of these people that are hating on you could say :wink:

Thanks. I find that some people have the experience to do it but they don’t go through with it.

This project has no senses : Everybody will die before see its end.

You know, I’m living in France.

didn’t know how to buy the medicine so he died :frowning: Good first project though and congratulations on finishing it.

Once you got the medicine and coins(around the store, on shelfs, ground), you just go up to the guy.
The fence is shaped like a s fliped 90` to the right.

Thanks for playing :slight_smile:

I think really good idea and its been creative but agree with Oyaki regarding the Graphics…

link doesn’t work could you fix it? I wan’t to try the game out :slight_smile:

I’ll try to fix the link to it.

thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be checking out the game then :smiley:

Turns out, upload hyper is having problems. :frowning:

It is not so bad but it takes a long time to complete the game yes it is educational i guess…but its also quite boring.as we always make H1N1 jokes, but after we all played it one by one, we all wanted to play it a few more times. In fact, now I’m very happy that I got it, because I get to keep it.

oh well…thanks anyway…

cam.dudes: Try MediaFire. that always works and its what most people use (you don’t need to subscribe, create a username, join, or anything :D)