Habitable island

The scene include 1 simple terrain, modeled in Gaea and texturized and populated in Blender 3.01 (Render Cycles).
The scene was populated with 4 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems).
If you want to see more pictures go to: here


Good! Are the particle systems basic Blender particles or does that use an add on?

You have several good landscape products on BlenderMarket. I like Sea Cliffs. terrains seldom have any horizontal features.

I’m interested in selling models or assets so I have a few questions about that.

  • have you had much success selling on BlenderMarket?
  • do you sell elsewhere?
  • “All the assets are in blend bundle and not exportable”. What is a “blend bundle”. How do you make one? Does this help to prevent theft of your product? I see models all over the web for sale or free by a million different alleged creators so I’m interested in practical countermeasures vs. theft or fraud.


the particle systems I use for my scenes are the standard Blender systems (no add-on).

The success of sales depends on several factors … quality of the product, type of product (if requested or not), the quality-price factor etc.
In my case, I am satisfied with the performance of my sales.

In reality the label “All the assets are in blend bundle and not exportable” refers to the fact that the assets are not textured with UW map, so you can only export the format without textures.

Ciao, Luigi. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is really good! What are the particles exactly? Are they alpha-images or actual geometry? They look great!

they are all geometries,
you can see more images and the details of the assets at the link indicated in my description above.

Luigi :slightly_smiling_face:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!