Hackintosh hotkeys

Hi friends,

I had experience with Maya and Softimage in the past and I’m currently learning Blender’s basics, and I must say I’m pretty thrilled with the differences which can be better or a pain in the neck depending on the situation. I love the fact that the software is “hotkey based” so it saves a lot of room in the interface, but that gives me some troubles because I use a hackintosh system. I can’t use the F’s row for example which I assume is essential. Does anyone use a similar keyboard, and want to help me solve this puzzle and how to configure the keyboard properly for the essentials?

Before someone asks: I use macos because I deal with a large amount of files and I believe Finder has a cleaner and more efficient interface, not to mention that windows always break at some point, so sometimes you use more time fixing things than actually working.

I know it’s very specific, but I hope someone can help me on this one. Thanks a lot! :wink: