Hack'n Slash Template & 2 tutorials

Update :

Functional link :www.klakos.com/downloads/Template_HNS_0.2.rar

Please pay attention !
This template is a very old one only compatible with Blender 2.49b (…ouch ! Really good version but… a “bit” old :p)
If you want to begin with HNS with the latest BGE (2.71 at the time I wrote theses lines) you should build your game over the NavMesh functionality, and also some new GUI functionalities that have been updated inside BGE (see below).

If you really really, really want an update … I mean REALLY … the kind of REALLY that won’t let you sleep at night,
I would be glad to build another template based on the same functionalities than the old one… against a earning remaining to evaluate :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you’re interrested … but seriously, Youtube if full of tutorials that will let you build this kind of prototype with no really big headheache ! Just give it a try ! It’s easy ! :smiley:

Version 0.2 is now downloadable.
Changelist :
- HNS template is now under BSD licence
- Bmp format for textures
- Main path of the whole project is Blends\Main.blend

Edit :
-> Path to the main “blend” is “01_Template\Blends\Map\Sc_P1_Ld.Blend”.
We will add a main.blend at the root of the project and a running demo later.


We have just finished a primary version of our Hack’n Slash Template, and published it on our website (http://www.klakos.com/lst_templates.html). We used it to do our fist prototype (see a film in the media section).

This version contains :
Mouse navigation and UI
Fights and mob dropping objects
Destructible objects
picking objects
Travel between multiple scenes
and more…


We have done 2 tutorials (a way to do multi texturing with vertex painting and an optimisation for realtime splatting) here : http://www.klakos.com/lst_tutos.html



Hop you enjoy !

This is like a rpg template? cool :smiley: downloading

Awesome buddy just to good … that 's what i am loking for few times…

Thanks a lot JesusFrk14 !
We will add more UI functionnalities and mercenary management later.
We used some compressed textures (png files) which is very bad for realtime performances ; we will
replace those later too.

Looks really cool so far. What license do you put it under? GPL?

Btw, a quick explaination which blend to use to start the game would be good to include, took me a while to figure out which one it was.

Thanks Julius !
We put no licence at all (question of time, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ) but we think about the BSD licence. Anyway you can use this one right now for your own needs, sell it, and do with it anything you want ! (ok, we are a company, i know it’s just a question of time and of the fact we simply didn’t think about the licence).

Thank you. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.

ok. It’s under BSD licence now.

Hello Guys !
I’m very pleased to announce that this template reached 170 downloads since last mounth !

I would like to thank you all for your interrest in this template and would like some feed-backs about it !
Thanks again !

And I would like to thank you for sharing this nice template!
Well made and quite sophisticated!

en passant…

This is really cool, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

hello !
We worked together on this demo, did you remember ?
It’s soooo nice to see it here !

Thanks a lot !

Hi Pascal !!
Nice to see you here !
Watched your work into the 3D work in progress section and it’s very good !
Hope we will work together on an upcoming project :wink:

Hello. I’m a beginner to Blender’s game engine and was thinking of making a hack-and-slash style fan game once I learned the basics. I show this thread and was excited to see a template available, but the link was broken or the site is no longer active/non-existent. Is it possible to still see the files, or have they been removed permanently?

Hello TheNewGamer !

Thank you to pay some attention for this old template !
This template is only compatible with Blender 2.49b (… now a really old version of Blender !)
If you are new with blender, I will heavily recommend you to begin to use the Navmesh component that will surely work far better than our old “hack” ; Navmesh is an important part inside games like HnS or RTS, and have been released inside Blender after we complete this template.
You can find tutorials on these parts here :

From there you’ll be able to use the navigation mesh for all your units (player and AI) which is a big part of the problem :slight_smile:
Then, you’ll be able to switch to UI (another big part of the problem :slight_smile: ) ; a good tutorial for this can be found here :

Finally, here is a working link on the rar file of our old project, but I recommend you to refer to it as a very far example, as it desserve a huge update to take advantage from the newest functionalities of the BGE in these fields (… I would like to work on another update of this little template but I need to find some time to do it :p, so I can’t promise ! sry )


Thanks !