Yes… this is just a notice, that the final version is at the Finished Projects sections. So just forget about everything in this thread. Go give your comments elsewhere. Shoo. Shooo.

Final verison topic can be found at:

I updated the scen little bit. Comments welcome as always.

This is little something I’ve been fiddling lately. But now, as usual I am stuck. I really should start drawing consepts. 8)


Any suggestions? Comments? Crits?

Oh… and before you mention it, yes, the floor texture is not seamless. I am aware of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good.

The hands are a bit off, (i.e. too big), and the head seems to be too triangular.

The particle system for the fire could be tweaked a little bit. It’s good, but could be a little better.

Nice image on the wall hanging. Did you do that? I really like it.


Thank you. Yes. it’s completely made by me. I’ll post image of it at the traditional forums, when I manage.

I really dig that bg pic too! Maybe u should use it as your consept?

Scene is bit empty now, girl is little stiff, scene lacks shadows and those shadows wich i can see is little hard edged for my taste, but pic have great potential. Keep it coming


Here’s the link to painting in background, as I promised.

Yeah. the shadows. I know. I am workin with them. And I will TRY to put some life to the girl, as soon as I get shadows complete.

Fire is also under tweaking. As for the overall light scheme, I am starting to be quite pleased. I am also looking for better floor stone material.

I did a small update on the floor textures and the shadows are more visible. I also added shields and axes on the background.

looks good, so far. torches are a bit “sparkly”, like they’re burning phospherous (i think?), but gives the whole scene an air of enchantment, sort of…
it also looks like part of the girl is transperant. is she a ghost ? :wink:

keep at it, this one has potential.

Transparent? no she is not… but thank you for the idea,
mr. hardnametowrite. I think I am going to take this scene in a new direction. :smiley:

Very cool, going along with what the others said, you might also (if you have her be a ghost), maybe make her somewhat luminate. She is somewhat hard to see, and makin the ghost glow would give it a little bit more.

. : n e x : .

she looks tr5ansparent in the following places:
her left armpit,
her thighs (most noticable by the right hand)

or was that her shadow?

1 the women is too dark
2 the fire on the torches look too unreal, they light too little, i think
3 her feet are very small
4 where did the light in the base of the right troch come from?
5 green doesn’t fit so well to the shields border
6 make the shields look more metallic
7 num 6 also for the axes
8 the shield and the axes look out of place, cuz everything except for them has a texturing that makes it look real

sorry if i was too harsh on the crits, i just fought with a girl-friend. however it’s very good :wink:

  1. Yes she is. I am working on that.
  2. I my self like the light scheme I’ve made for them. I am not going to alter them. At least not much anyway.
  3. Yes they are.
  4. I don’t quite understand the question.
  5. I am going to UV map the sheilds when I manage. It’s just a try out texture.
  6. My toughts exactly
  7. Diddo.
  8. Refer answers 6 and 7

Well… this is WIP forum and I DID ask for opinions, so no… I don’t feel offended or anything. This is very constructive. :smiley:

hail to the King?

I was expecting somehting Bruce Campbell related…

Bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

Good, although I would think that she would have two shadows coming from the direction of the torches.

Another update. While making the girl lighter I decided to ad somewhat hellishy shine to her. What do you think?

I think this picture is getting better and better. I like the redish shine you added, adds to the overall picture by making the character stand out more.

i wrote:

1 the women is too dark
4 where did the light in the base of the right troch come from?

hippie responded:

  1. Yes she is. I am working on that.
  2. I don’t quite understand the question.

1 now i see the women
4 there’s a light at the base of the right torch. way down in the floor.

other crits:
1 her boobs r too big, they way tooo down, like if they were pamela anderson’s
2 one hand is blue and the other is yellow
3 her hips need to be a little lower, i guess, and it’s to thin for her boob proportion
4 now your flame in the torches look better, i know it has the same appeareance, but it looks better done.
5 the arms (shields and axes) look tilted
6 i like the rug
7 her left arm bicep is too big
8 her face is too thin
9 her shoulders are too high, like a man’s
10 sorry for i being so critic

2: The colorization comes from the light plan I made to the second layer where. So that is actully ment to be that way.

7: Her whole body could do a small toutch up. I have not yet made many full scale bodies in 3d, so it’s just practice, I supose.

  1. Well… she happens to have thin face. Personally I am pleased.

Keep the comments coming. I can put my concentartion on this again, so wait the finaö version to be posted sometime next week.