Hair Cards transparancy issues (Hair tools addon)


I am trying to learn how to use the Hair tools addon to make hair cards for my models.
In the viewport it all looks amazing and the transparencies in the hair looks great, but when I render the picture out in Cycles I suddenly get these strange black locks in the hair.

These blocks are not in the textures and as far as I can see the transparency settings for Cycles are also in order in the material nodes.

I’ve made other hairstyles with Hair tools before and didn’t see to have this problem at all. I’m using the default hair texture and material that came with the addon.

Does anyone else have experienced anything like this and knows what is possibly going on?


i believe: particles children is set to simple ? not good. either use interpolated or get hard core with none and multiple by a BIG factor :wink:

I think even change the Lighting and render options could help you achieve the look you want, especially if u intend to denoise your work in the process.
I’m thinking about light bounces, path tracing or branched path tracing, but there are many factors u could take a look at and change your outcome :slight_smile:

This isn’t particle hair it’s hair cards and thus doesn’t use particles at all.

Thank you, I’ll look at light bounces though I’m not sure the options are still there for using OptiX GPU rendering. Still it’s worth a shot to look at it.

And yes I do intend to use denoising when I sort out the transparency issues. :slight_smile: