Hair dynamics not playing ball 2.8

Hi all

Been a long time since I posted here…

So getting to grips with 2.8. Goona shoot a spec ad using the character in the pic provided.

Having some serios issues with the hair when the character is animated ir if i switch from key frame to key frame. This shouldn’t be happening right? The hair is stretching. Seems the root goes with the object but the tip stays put. Is this a bug. Anyone got a fix. The modifyier stack is right as in the partical system is below the armature. Any suggestios be appreciated. Anyone with experience in this be great to hear from you.


Is there physics on that for? Did you bake it?

This is what happened when I baked it

Hmmmmm… Dya want to post a screenshot of your particle settings, plus how it looks in the viewport?

Hope that covers all the main ones

All I can suject is…

  1. make sure your particle mod is after your armature mod

  2. Bake again.

Bump. Any devs here know whats going on?