Hair/Fur Shader in EEVEE is always white

So, I’m trying to create a good fur shader to use on some characters using EEVEE. I tried Cycles but I would either get CUDA out of memory errors when rendering or the rendering would take over 15min which is absolutely terrible.

So I came across this video showcasing EEVEE fur done right, however as aalways there is no information on how he achieved it. Thus I’m trying to figure it out with no success.

I want to use EEVEE so that I can get some decent render times and still have a good result. However, there is no dedicated hair shader in EEVEE(Why!?) so I’ve been trying to create my own, however everytime I add gloss or transluncency to the shader, the hair just goes white everytime a light hits it. Ignoring the original color or texture.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m having:

And here is the Blend. file:

You are mixing 2 white shaders with one colored. It is not surprising to obtain a result mainly white.
Especially with a camera angle and hair strands oriented in a direction that emphasize glossy shader.
Cycles will give a totally different result because it does not handle hair geometry same way.
Cycles provides higher quality shadows and fresnel effects.

Eevee is not able to do such things. Developers did not create hacks to mimic Cycles or tried to support features of Cycles principled hair shader for EEVEE.
You have to keep materials simple when using it.

Just use a principled shader. It contains all settings you try to incorporate in your set-up.
EEVEE hair demos almost always use a simple principled hair shader.
EEVEE Hair strands were developed using it.

Then they should implement those features into EEVEE. Some people dont want to use ray tracers because of the ridiculous memory costs and render times.

That’s why things like UE4 are used for Archviz. And I have interest in animation which means I want to use characters of certain quality. Which ends up giving me about 20-30min render per frame which is ridiculous.

And using Renderfarms is terrible because I would have to spend over 1000 bucks just for a single animation that I wish to do for my own amusement wich has no monetary return.

Greater effort should be put into EEVEE and give it Real time Ray Tracing for people like me. Real time Ray Tracing is the future.

The fact that you need a preset for an EEVEE hair material does not magically change manpower in Blender Institute or deform spacetime in Amsterdam.

EEVEE is in a beta state. 2.8 is in a beta state. Both have todo list for several years of development.
New Cycles principled Hair shader which required more than one month of development is not even one year old.

Playing with the principled shader will probably give you a result faster than waiting a miracle and complaining until it happens.

I will be using the Principled Shader but I just wish to see more features being added into EEVEE in the future.