Hair/Fur Sim in 2.40 Alpha (not CVS)

I followed this guy’s tutorial:

I had some sucess… but my results looked very plain and regular. Nothing like number 7 or 8.

My question is: Is there a way to manually change the pattern that the hair falls in, kind of like brushing it?

Just so you know, that’s not the new static particles. That’s halos, the OLD way of doing it…
For static particles: 8)

Well, I dont have the latest CVS, all I have is the 2.40 Alpha that was released pre-conferernce. If you have a link to the new version, I would like it.

From here: go to the testing builds forum and download the RC version for your OS.


that link was so awesome that you posted. I didn’t know I could get an RC or anything else past the alpha without knowing what to do with “CVS” or whatever compiling one has to do. I’m quite a beginner when it comes to code and versioning systems.

thanks!, I love the new soft shadow options. They are so awesome, something I didn’t really know how to do last year, except for tedious ways that take long to render.

Heh, funny thing is that I actually found that about 1 hour before he posted, I just thought it was another CVS thing.

By the way, could you guys give me some sugestions on my web site, I am currently developing it.


your site would looke better if the effect behind the text had a 3D something with depth. for example, when I saw the video of the conference and how you can create curve objects, assign a bevel object to them and then twist them using TKEY, I was really excited because I could make twisted cables and rope and all kinds of things.

Try making some effect like a wierd atmosphere or even a wire frame of something.

Also, to any blenderhead, the blender font is cool, but if you are designing with it, consider changing it up for variety.

that’s all from me. You’re rollovers and template design is cool. Get those pages filled up!

gotta cloth ball blend?