Hair Gone wrong

(sabatiel180) #1

Ive been working on this models hair for 3 straight days and ive made 0 progress. I could explain it to you, but Id much rather show you. Anyone with eyes can see in my photos that Im doing something horribly wrong, because it doesnt even look like hair, but instead a big blob of crap. Im not concerned with where the hair placement is at this moment, I just want to know why it looks so awful.

The first photo shows that awful render. The hair coming from the chin. The second is a screenshot of my settings. I made the number 0. Added the hair myself. Just a few, comb them down, set the children, and this is my result after following directions. So what is the problem? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Ive tried everything.

(beetdabrat) #2

Your root and scaling values are most likely too high. As for the hair clipping through the mesh, may either need to increase parting values or switch to simple children. And you need a larger step size.

(thetony20) #3

First thing to check is that you have reset the rotation and scale of your entire model. I doubt rotation is an issue, but there’s a fair chance you have scaled stuff all over the place during modelling. If in an viewport you press N then select an object and look at the Scale at the top under Transform. It should list X,Y,Z with a value of 1.000 for each.

If it doesn’t, with the object selected, Press Ctrl A and select Rotation & Scale, which will leave the object in place, but reset it’s rotation to 0 and scale to 1.

The reason for doing this is that dynamics/hair/simulation, etc type settings, really work best at the default base rotation and scale, anything else can really stuff things up. The same tends to apply for rigging/animation.

WARNING: Having said that, the hair particle system in Blender can be a bit of a ‘pain’ and don’t even think about trying to animate it.