Hair in Blender 2.8 beta doesn't show in Eevee renderer

Hi, I’m fair new to blender so in general, so I don’t know if something might be a bug or just my lack of knowledge.

If I try to use the Eevee renderer with hair, the moment I switch from ‘None’ to ‘Simple’ or 'Interpolated ’ under the children menu, everything disappears. If I decrease the Viewport Display amount to 0%, sometimes I will see some areas of hair, but I can’t see any changes when I modify other settings.

Additionally, when I go to render, no hair is rendered even though it looks like it’s calculating things. Changing the hair shape type in the render engine settings to ‘Strip’ doesn’t work either, though ‘Strand’ appears in the viewport.

I know 2.8 is still in beta - but to save me time I just want to know if I might be missing some settings or something? Thank you.