Hair in test builds, when?

I’m currently working on project where I really could use the new “hair” feature. It says on Blender site that newest test builds should have the feature, but no matter how new I download, I can’t get it to work.

So is the feature already implemented in the source, and is there some place where I could download ready-compiled version with it?

Both blender 2.40 pre alphas have the hair:

It is the revised static particles so works in the same way. Look for static particle tutes for how to use it.


he actualy means the new path patch as far as i understand him!

that one should be in blender 2.41.


I mean this

Yes, as ajc says, that was in 2.40a

You make a mesh object a particle emitter and set the particles to static. Then you add a texture to the 8th texture slot (may have changed in the latest build) and you set it to “Grad”(ient of that texture) to give the particle streams variation (waviness). Then in the slots second from the bottom you set the Texture to give the particles speed, and below the Grad button you set Nabla to evaluate the input from texture 8.

In the MapTo tab turn off Col since that texture is only used for particle physics. Add a new texture in slot 1 and give it a .blend texture with more than 1 color and turn the alpha of one of the colors on an end down to give the strands faded points (rather than blunt)

Now, when you go to the MapInput tab, on the right of Orco there will be a new option Strand which will pixelate your particles along the stream and make it look like hair.


Thank you Fligh % !

Yay! Thank you very much!

Is there some way to change the width of the “hair” with the new system?

It’s set at 1 pixel wide, so you can do it by scale, or resolution of the final image.


Just today there was commit allowing control of start/end width of strands.