hair - modeling particle hair

modeling particle hair for 3d max
woult be wanderfull if we’d have this tool in blender

look at down

There is a similar way of make it. You can make the hair in blender and then apply the lattice modifier and gives a similar result but the way it works is different. first do the hair and then define the form with this. The only problem I found is that don’t supports multiple lattice modifiers so you’ll have to make one for each group of hair and do multiple groups of hair too

omigosh thankyou rascenpungin!

i don’t know how i never realized this method. as cool as dynamic hair can be, dealing with collisions etc has always been too much of a headache. this is the perfect compromise.

i haven’t played around with it, but i assume you can then drive the lattice with an armature through hooks or something, right?

you can use the lattice to move the hair with hooks and armatures, you can use it alone to move the hair and give some effects like brushing too, or if you apply the lattice, it just give form to the hair , and then move it as usual

How do you apply a lattice to the hair without affecting the base mesh?