Hair partially disappearing in Render after combing

Hey, I got a weird problem.
The majority of hair particles on a rug I created for a bathroom scene are disappering in the render result, but only if I entered particle edit mode before.

So, if I do a render after I free´d the edit and reset all the comb job I´ve done (or recreated the hair system from scratch), I get a nice looking render, everything as you´d expect. All the hair is showing in the viewport as well.

I then enter particle edit Mode and just do a single light stroke with the comb over the hair, I exit into object Mode again.
At this point all hair is showing in the viewport, I can also see the results of my combing in the viewport.

When I now hit render most of the hairs are gone with onyl a few patches of hair remaining, its also not like the areas that were combed are disappearing and the ones I left untouched still render, there seems to be no connection betweeen where I comb and which patches disappear. It´s also always the same hair thats disappearing if I do multiple renders.

After this (bugged) render finishes, the same patches of hair are also missing in the viewport.

Does anyone have any idea whats causing this and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance