Hair particles problem between 3Dview and Render

First, i’m far from experienced in the Blender particle system, so i may have missed easily the information that lead into my problem, i’m just experiencing a bit to learn more about this, it’s not work related.

Here’s the description.

1 - i box modelled a head, then edited it to get it roughly more human-like

2 - i added and applied a subsurf level then i sculpted it a bit with multires (the added+applied subsurf is to increase a little bit the polycount, as the Sculpt Mode seems to work better with a base model that is at +/- 5000 faces than at much less)

3 - on the lowest level of the multires, i select a vertex group, where i want the hair particles to start

4 - i create the hair particle using the vertex group for the density, i added “interpolation” children and in the Particle Mode i tried to comb them with my mouse, now i have no hair combing skill and it shows :smiley:

5 - finally i render (using BI) , and here is the problem
Tthe hairs on the render look nowhere like the ones from the Particle Mode, while i understand the light source change the lighting on it, what i don’t understand is that in Particle Mode it looks like the hair are rather smooth, while in the render screenshot as you can see it’s not.
The hairs in the render seems to be have some angular aspect that do not appear in the Particle mode.

Anyone can see what i am doing wrong, i mean why is there such a difference in term of smoothness between what i have in the Particle mode and what i see in the render ?

I found the reason, a setting i didn’t paid attention to :

While in the 3D view the display for the ratio children/parent was set to 10, the render was set to 100 , it is then obvious why the preview in 3D view looks nothing like the render.
Setting both to 10, suddenly it looks much closer to what i see in the 3D preview.