Hair problems

I’m guessing this post goes here. I also didn’t read around to try to find out if anyone else was having this problem. So now that I’ve made everyone angry, I’ll continue to my question.

I’m having major difficulties with the hair particle system. I’m trying to create an old man with a receding hair line, BUT, when ever I active the particle system and draw out the hair, nothing is there. I go into particle mode to view the changes but nothing happens. I also rendered the scene and the mesh was completely missing. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, so any help would be nice. Thanks.

alright so I figured out why I couldn’t get the hair particles to work. I had multires enabled up to level 7. I had to disable that in order for it to work. I got the mesh of the head to come back by clicking on the emitter button in the vis box in particle mode. Very good. Now the last questions stands… How come the hair is not showing up in rendering? Thanks again