Hair Proxy Addon (Update/Support Thread)

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Hair Proxy version 1.2 is now available.


  • The proxy can now be updated after adding/removing hair in sculpt mode
  • Several warning states have been added to the panel
  • The frame number is now included in the name when adding a hair dynamics shape key
  • Bone parent UI now displays the current parent
  • Bone parent UI has a new button to clear the current parent
  • Hair dynamics “Weight” slider renamed to “Mass”
  • Changed the panel icon for the proxy object
  • ‘Overwrite Shape Key’ button is now enabled on Basis
  • ‘Reset Sculpt’ operator will now reset to Basis if it exists
  • Bug fix: Generated “roots” vertex group is now correct on hair with inconsistent curve resolution
  • Bug fix: ‘Restore Proxy Modifiers’ operator will no longer duplicate “roots” and “pin” vertex groups

So that was an interesting video to watch. It seems like you have made an addon to automate and add extra features and options to something I was playing around with a while ago.

In my little test video ( it’s using Geometry Nodes to ‘apply’ a mass of curves to mesh planes and then Cloth Sim to animate it. This was before the new hair curves, all created manually (a big pain) and none of the shape keys, etc which I guess you can use to make manual corrections once its all baked, since lets face it, the cloth sim system is far from perfect.

Ideally all this would work in default Blender and in theory over time it will, as they replace simulation system with nodes. But that could still be a good 1-2 years away and I’m getting close again to having to re-visit the whole hair setup on my current character.

Going to have to give this some thought.