Hair Salon

Hey guys, my first finished project posted here. It´s for a freelancer architect from Brazil. 360 degree panoramic here

I could work a little more in the shaders but a ran out of time. What do you guys think? C&C are welcome.

The final render

The architect concpet


I think you went too far with postproduction, 360 view looks much better; some of models could and should look better (especially mirrors and other tools that hang on the wall) but if deadline was tight it can be forgiven. Otherwise the scene is fine. And I strongly suggest others checking panoramic view, forget this blurry, bloomy and distorted image from this post (sorry, marceloboy1) :slight_smile:

Sorry for what man? Thanks for your critique. The job was just the 360 actually. The render i’ve made just to post here. And yeah, the post-production really went to far, i was just playing arround with compositor for the first time. I’ll remember this next time… Thanks bro.