Hair suddenly out of wack in particle edit mode, but fine in object mode

HI all, real weird issue. Hoping someone can shed some light on it. In Particle edit, one of my particle systems has gone crazy, yet when I tab back into object mode, it’s fine.

Anyone seen this kinda behaviour before? I’ve not done anything to the particle system except toggle it’s viability. Also not done anything to the mesh it’s attached too.

Very strange (And kinda funny…)

EDIT: And 2 seconds after posting this, it’s gone back to normal. Hmmm…

I suspect Nargles might be at play here…

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Ok, so still not sure why it’s happening, but I’ve found out how to fix it in case this ever happens to anyone else.

If you go into particle edit, and it does this, all you have to do is toggle children off, and then go back into object mode. Then, when you go back into particle edit, the strands should be relaxed again, and you’re then able to toggle children on again. That should then be fixed until you open Blender again.

I’ve also found that Blender is just closing if I try and edit a particular particle system. A work around is to disable all but the one I want to edit, and another one, and then select the other system before entering particle edit. If I then select the system I want to edit, it works as expected, but if I select it and go straight into particle edit, Blender just closes.


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