Hair System Help ....Pleeeeeeeease?!!!

Hi Everyone ,
i Want to make Hair Style by Particle System as the Picture Below which made by Maya .i couldn’t find any technique in Blender .can anyone give me a small direction or a link to a tutorial .also i couldn’t make good texture to these particles of smooth and shiny hair i need directions here too …thx

There isnt a tutorial yet. But this is possible using a particles build from This is helpful for using them though not complete. Thisn’t in the svn trunk yet but fairly stable. After you look at these if you still have ?'s I can help just reply to this thread. Here is the start of the wiki for the particles

I Found Myself making mistake by using Normal beside the curve guide so the particles seem to be not obeying the curve .

I tried the svn but i didn’t understand it’s options is their a link to a help or howto .thx

Well particles are in the main trunk of svn yet so if you are using windows use this build.

Here is my micro tutorial.

  1. select the object to have particles
  2. go to object mode f7 (if the screen has verticle buttons pull it a bit bigger and select the new 3rd button in the 3 button group{particles})
  3. click add new under particles system
  4. under particles system on the second row of buttons the type button change from emitter to hair
  5. now make the hair longer by adding some speed to the normal(under the physics tab)
  6. now on your 3d window tab you can select bake mode instead of object mode n if the bakable system properties aren’t up
  7. I forgot to bake it 1st so click bake under the particle system button
    New options should come up on your bakable system tab
  8. select comb under brush
  9. start shaping you hair have fun

You can control allot with textures. that is in the texture panel.
I believe that you might be able to use curve guide, not sure. You can use lattices to control the particles. It is possible to use soft body psyhics. You can braid hair using the kink and clumb or maybe just good combing.
Have fun.

Wow thx too much ibkanat .i’ll try it
found after many hours of searching that the realistic hair being one of big headache on Blender world but i found many galleries some artists who already made very nice realistic hair but until now i couldn’t find a complete tutorial ddescripe in steps how to make several styles.

Do u have any idea is there a way that i can convert edges or mesh to curves then i can use them as guides to my hair .i read a tutroial use this method in Maya but in different way by using a dummy.
thx for ur interest

I dont think there is a way to convert the edges and or mesh to curves. But really for me the combing in the bake mode works the best. And I beleive the lattice works well. I think that you can even use wind as a deflector. Usually I just use the normal and put some down force for gravity. And it looks decent. But you can control the length by a texture. Some other usefull setting for hair. Even and random and from faces. Also using few parent hairs and more children hairs allows for to make allot more hairs. For instance 100 parents and 50 children to each parent is allot better speed wise than 5000 parent.

I want to add a kind of notice that i found a site talking about realistic charcters made in movies like final fantasy movie or the logo of games the site is

i want to add some pictures made by 3d max .is it possible to make something like that in Blender?
and its mesh in max

i wished if i can reach this result of perfection. can i?

Its possible to create realistic models and textures. I am not that far yet. To make that kind of realism modeling and texturing and lighting need to be mastered.

Blend is advancing in many ways right now. (hair and cloth are some of the items we can look forward to).

Here is a wiki on hair I dont know if you have seen it. It will be helpgul for shading your hair
you will need to adapt it some for Jahka’s particles.

i want to add some pictures made by 3d max .is it possible to make something like that in Blender?

That was not made by 3D Max. It was made by an artist. You are an artist; learn to use tje tools and you can make it too.

There’s a script in the Scripts window under Mesh called “Edges to Curve” where you can convert an Edgeloop to a Curve and use that as a Hair Guide.