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Hi guys, I created post about problem with current curve uv transformations. The problem now is not being able to display properly mapped hair texture on curve ribbons. If blender will have curve uv transformations implemented, users would be able to map various curve polylines to different texture areas.
Feel free to add +1, or comment on this issue:


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Great add on! Bought!


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Hey, there. I’m new to this site. First and foremost, thank you. You all have no idea how long I’ve been looking all over the internet for this exact thing. I’m so glad that I’ve finally come across it. I’m gonna have to buy it now…


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Great plugin overall but I got a really annoying issue : any idea why the Align tilt feature would make the orientation of the ribon worse (perpendicular to the scalp instead of parallel)?0


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You have to apply hair rotation,scale (maybe on target mesh too, I don’t remember exactly). Unfortunately there is no way around it.


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Ah, shame, thank you. Maybe a way to do a global spinning for the ribbons when you generate them?


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This tool is great time saver I wish you would make couple of tutorials how to create more complex hair styles like braids and ponytails :slight_smile:


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ponytails - there is demo blend file on hair tool, gumroad with hair like that. Just delete the curve ribbons, and use base geometry (it is named ‘Plane.004’) and generate curves by using ‘Curves from grid surface’.
About braids -there is no easy way, I think I would go with manually making geometry like in here: - and then convert these to mesh tubes, UV, and assign hair texture… Not much use of Hair tool for braids.

Btw. teaser for new feature in next HT release:
Interactive Particle hair combing, with ribbons assigned.


(fiendish55) #69 Might be useful in the future :slight_smile:


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Another update 1.8 and new video of interactive hair combing in blender. https:/ It is faster now, and you can preview texture on curve ribbons while combing hairs.

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Great update but I got a problem with it : how do you change the width of the ribbons when combing? at the moment they are really thin and not useable (it looks like a 0.01 value) for the combing preview (I’m using world scale head with default blender units).

I also wonder if that workflow would get rid of the ribbons being not aligned properly:

1 Grease pencil the guides on the scalp mesh
2 Create curves from guides
3 Create ribbons from the curves
4 Tilt the curves by hand so the ribbons are aligned properly (parallel to the scalp)
5 Select the scalp mesh and curves --> Particle hair from curves.

As of now, the tilting of the strands is not preserved. Would that be possible to keep the curves tilting orientation so all the ribbons would align nicely?

Edit : I just tried with 1.8 and the scale is correct. Aslo Bleneder is crashing when I press the space bar with 1.8.1


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About changing width - you can go out of particle combing mode any time you wish, change ribbons width (by changing radius, or using ‘Adjust Curve profile’, or ‘Edit curve profile’ buttons), you can also add uv’s and materials to these ribbons. Then you can go back to interactive hair combing, and Hair Tool will update your previous curve ribbons - but now with uv, material, and bigger width. It will work as long as the name of particle system will be the same as name of generated curve ribbons; for example: by default both particle system and generated curve ribbons will be named ‘ParticleSystem’.

About aligning - make sure you have applied rotation to both source scalp and generated hair- there is no way around it for now. Then enable ‘Enable Tilt aligning’ button in ‘Interactive curve ribbons panel’. You can also edit generated hair ‘Target’ object (ctrl+shift+h) - for snapping and embedding hair roots. With that generated hair can be aligned to different mesh, than your particle hair source.

I would need steps to reproduce spacebar crash. Also try 1.8.1 release.

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Thank you for the orientation tip, it helped indeed :slight_smile:
For the width, it’s also working but the ribbons themselves seem to be smaller even at a value of 10. Would it be possible to unclamp the value or use something bigger, like 20 maybe?

You might be able to answer that question : Is it possible to draw the guides in front of the ribbons? It is kinda har to see what you are doing when working with lots of ribbons

Anyway, thank you very much for your answers and the plugin.

PS: I’ve been using 1.8.1 and had the crash with that version, not with 1.8


(JoseConseco) #74

Ok, I will make bigger width option in next update, for now just increase hair curve radius as a workaround (curve editmode -> left Tool Shelf -> Tools tab -> Curve Tools panel -> set curve Radius.
drawing the guides in front of the ribbons - it is only possible now for interactive hair combing - when ‘With children’ option is enabled. I will make it work without children in next update.
Still - I cant recreate your bug. Please use Hair Tool Discord Server for bug report with steps to reproduce, and if possible simple blend file.


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in Update 1.8.2 both issues should be fixed. I reverted old way the hair ribbons width was calculated, meaning width was normalized by object dimensions. This makes it so that when object is 10 smaller, and you add ribbons to it- the width will be also 10x smaller.


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Wow Jose, the new hair baking feature is such a pleasant surprize!!! Thank you a ton! :cool: Are you planning to add “diffuse texture” to the options?


(JoseConseco) #77

Sure I can add that. By diffuse texture - you mean rendering hair strands with hair shader and saving it as texture?


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Would you all recommend this addon?

I see few example of peoples work using Hair Tool. Most of the examples seam to be from the author of the tool. Is there a gallery of peoples work done with Hair Tool?


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@JoseConseco: Yes, exactly! With a nice hair shader and low-contrast light, that would be wonderful! This is such a well rounded feauture rich addon already, newer expected it to grow this big. Again; great job mister!

@MickHanks: Speaking of which; I highly do! :cool:


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Only one recommendation in 4 days. That tells me ether the forum/addon is not that active or others are not willing to recommend Hair Tool, or others read my post and will not comment. Ether way not an idea path to go down.

It’s not the money it’s the time investment. But more important it’s using an addon for a major part of a workflow that could be in the long run a rabbit hole. In my review of this addon it appears that 90% of the functions could be done in blender with out Hair tools. With much more difficulty but most likely with the same results.


Thanks PixelPete for your time.