Hair? uv unwrap?

Is it possible to make wool with MakeHair,curly renderable splines or something like it? From where can MakeHair be downloaded?
also how do you make a nice unwrap of uv coordinates, or do the points have to be manually moved in uv editor, I cannot get a whole mesh to
unwrap nicely, got half unwrapped at a time relatively nicely. ?

Tried to make wool with dupliverts but run out of ram and the render time would have been 30 hours or something like it i guess. And the outcome would have been too symmetrical anyway.

Get version 2.40RC1 and read up about the new hair in the release notes. See this thread for examples:

The 2.40RC1 also has live lscm uv unwrpping – see a sample movie on the project orange web site. I also have a movie tutorial on lscm unwrapping on my web site


Thanks GreyBeard
I watched your uv unwrapping tutorial.
It is very well made.