Hair won't move with Mesh

My student created these characters. He used particle systems to make the hair. Why does the hair stay in the same place when he moves the armature bones?


bad (1.13 MB)

Off hand, there seems to be a conflict between Vertex Groups. Head has two vertex group on it; Scalp and Bone.004. They both share the same mesh. Scalp is used for growing hair there. And Bone.004 is assigned to the Armature.003 for posing. Two different weight settings on same vertices, which one should Blender use?

You need to clarify how those vertex groups associate with Armature. I am looking through the buttons to add Scalp vertex group to Armature.003. I haven’t found it. Otherwise you may need to split the scalp vertex group from head so that vertex group points to unique set of vertexes.