Hairs Clipping Through Mesh

I have a mesh in which the hair particles (though they look fine before rendering) end up looking like this when rendered:

The region in question is right in-between the eyes. (there is also an issue on the neck, but I don’t know if it’s related)

The hair appears to go under the mesh, but yet when I look at the model in the editor, the hairs are correctly positioned. I made sure that the modifiers are correctly placed, yet for some reason, it doesn’t seem to properly render. This problem seems to be amplified a thousand fold when I try to comb the hairs. (i.e. random splotches glitch out all over the mesh)

  1. Make sure you apply any scale (Ctrl+A, Scale)

  2. Check face normals to make sure they are all pointing outward; you can fix it if not in Edit mode… select all verts, use Ctrl + N

  3. Most importantly, enable your Subsurf modifier for rendering! This alone will glitch up the hair system, as it was created with Subsurf active in the 3D window. Without it, the hairs go all awry.

Thanks! One other thing I did was set the view and render numbers to be equal in the sub-surf modifier. (It was instructed in the tool-tip for the ‘use modifier stack’ option in the particle settings)

It appears to work now. Still has that weird neck business, but the main problem is solved. Thanks again!