Half-Life 2 Inspired scene


Small environment that I made for my “3D for concept art” class. With this environment I plan to showcase leveraging of Megascans for concept art. It was interesting to work on this piece. I had a pretty good idea of a final image, but along the way I kept adding and adding different elements like electricity charges, rope physics, animated character…


Amazing Loved every Bit of it :slight_smile: especially the rubble and the wall cracks! and the paint peel off! would you mind explaining how you did that! if u used materials would love to get a better picture by an image of your node tree.

hey, sorry for a late reply. Actually I finished a breakdown for 80.lv website today and they are going to publish it soon. In this article I show my materials and explain main concepts. I will provide you with a link once article is out )

Here is a link to the article. It’s finally published

Thanks man! Valar morgulis!