half-life 2

This has almost certainly been asked before but I’ve searched and the answers seem to be a mixed bag. Basically I want to make my own machinima using the half life 2 engine and I was wondering if it was worth making the characters in blender and then exporting them (somehow) or simply learning to use the half life 2 Hammer software.
As I said, I’ve searched and some people seem to be able to use Blender with HL2, and others say it’s impossible. I’m not afraid of hardship but I don’t want to hamstring myself either, the only difference is that I know Blender and haven’t used Hammer before.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Have you seen this thread?

This thread has info on exporting HL2 models to 3DSMAX, it MAY be possible for Blender.

EDIT: Or you could just use Garry’s Mod. http://www.garry.tv/garrysmod

you can’t create models in hammer [the level editor]

I suggest you get and learn xsi [the xsi mod tool, its free… but limited. The limitations shouldn’t be a problem to make characters for half life 2]

I hadn’t, but thanks, could be useful.


Fair enough, simple suits me fine since I don’t want to waste too much time learning a whole new system.

Thanks a bunch,