Half-Life Marine

This is the high poly grunt I made (for normal mapping purposes) for the HL2 mod I’m in, which is recreating Half-Life 1 in source and enhancing it a bit. We just had our first media release :slight_smile:

PS. It isn’t textured, just some basic materials.


Wow!!! :o
That great modeing.

No crits.

Looks nice!

But I wonder if there will be an HL2 plugin in the future.

me and my mates (all half-life fans) i have shown this to all think its amazing although we think that the clothes seem to stick to his back side to much

Fantastic modelling job. Really, really like the clothes, details, etc.

Any chance of doing textures for him?


good job! cant wait to see the low poly goy with normal maps.

i didnt know you were on mektek!

GREAT to see blender working in Black Mesa: Source…Can’t wait, This is a GREAT media update man! :smiley:

I almost joined in that project… but looks like you guys are moving full steam ahead! :smiley:

what a soft looking picture! the model is great too! amazing! good work! :smiley:

I think the Arms are too short, and his head is to small, so he looks a little “stocky”.
But otherwise, it looks very good, great nice level of detail, I can’t wait to see the Normal map that this makes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

@Reaperx- I see what you mean, I might tweak it a little. It probably wouldn’t really be noticed in gamed with the texture and them trying to shoot you in the head, so it isn’t a top priority at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

@BgDM- Means a lot from you :slight_smile: I may eventually get round to do some textures, but I’m a bit busy at the moment with RL stuff and other stuff for the mod. Since animating him would be quite tricky (due to the way he is built, since it was just for normal map generation) all I’d get out of texturing him is a better render of the pose.

@Orion- Gah normal maps! They are driving me nuts! I keep running into problems with them. Orb crashes if trying to render 1024x1024 maps with multisample on (makes them look better), ATI normalmapper decides to produce invisible normal maps, XSI decides to not load in the shaders I need from the tutorial I was following…
I am developing a twitch…

Hopefully I can pawn what is left to do to the marine on someone else and continue with the next model :smiley:

they are lucky to have you over there
this work and the sci-fi soilder rock!
keep up the great work!

Absolutely amazing, this level of detail - wonderful. How long did it take to model him?

yop really excelent modeling.

Juste render, not as good as…

:o everything is great
a li’l too much crack for me thoughXP

Man, making Normal Maps is always a problem :smiley:
I wish you luck, though. :slight_smile:

PS: what the hell did you call me? :smiley:

very good modeling! alot of details.

some awesome modelling you got there. I’m really impressed!

Keep up the good work buddy!
(check your pm plz! :D)