Half-Life "Scene Hopping"! Is it possible?

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I’m working on a large Area. And i want to split it in some Scenes. Hmm, Ok! But now i have many Probs with the Scene-Actuator. When i use the ‘set Scene’ Option, all used Objects will be reseted. Using the ‘suspend Scene’ Option freeze the current Scene amd i can’t go to the next. The ‘Add Overlay Scene’ and the ‘Add Background Scene’, are totally Riddles in my Brain! My G-Blender Documentation (Blender 2.12) from Calli, is unfortunately not complete. Is it possible to do such Things like “Half-Life Scene-Hopping”? Where can i get some currently Info about the Scene-Actuator and his Options? I would not be happy, if i have to use Python to set all used Objects back to there Positions.

Thanx 4 Help
Cu, Doc

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The only way I know of is to set every object’s position with python.
When you leave a scene, have a python script record the position of every moved object. Then when you come back to that scene, run a script to set the objects to the recorded positions.
I think that’s similar to how they did it in half-life.

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I’m pretty sure that something like that would require python. You’d have to save all the objects’s locations and orientations with a python script. It would be nice to have a save acuator, but I’m a bit afraid that NAN will cut off the game engine from creator when they next update! There is a save script at my old site (it’s in my signature, which is below) which saves the rotation and oreiention when you push S and then loads it when you push L. You can take a look at that.

Hope that Helps!


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Thx 4 Your Answer. I think Your right. That smells like a hard Work! 'Cause i don’t know any Way to get a List of all Objects. Hmm! Can i use the Blender-Module? (Obj=Blender.Object.Get()) If i got a List, i can Mark Save-Objects with a “save me” Property. I think i have to try this.

Any other Ideas?
Cu, Doc

(saluk) #5

Check out my pooland demo, it has a python example of saving and loading the location of objects. It’s actually probably a bit MORE complicated than you need, but take a look anyway.

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Also, you could do something a bit simpler, where instead of saving ALL objects, you only save several flags (props on your character) which tell the scene the most important objects to change. Might actually be easier to have it save all objects, but I dont know.

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Hallo Saluk.

I checked out Your PooLand Game. Very lovely! My Girlfriend love Your Sheeps very much! Ok! To Your Answer: The Method You used in Your Game is very clever, but nor exactly what i need. But it give me some good Ideas. I have to try someting.

Thx’n Cu, Doc

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saluk: do you have a web page?what’s the address?

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Easiest way is to create multiple scenes, one per section. When you load the scene, the objects should reset. Also, keep everything you want to keep in an overlay scene (ie health). Using messages to between the scenes and things like that seems to work.