Half of my render image is missing

Hi, so the thing is I used Google Colab to render an animation. So just to make sure everything is working correctly, I tried rendering the first frame of the animation. However, after I rendered, I realised that half of the image is missing. The same frame in my viewport was correct, nothing missing whatsoever. Can anyone help give a solution for this? Thanks

Rendered Image

Viewport image

Reduce to the bare minimums that still has the problem and share.

What do you mean by reduce to bare minimum?

He means get rid of all the stuff in the scene to make it as small as possible, but still has the issue.
So you can upload for us to check :wink:

The thing is last time (a week ago) I rendered the same exact scene. The only thing I added to the whole project since then is a cube that I shaped into a wooden crate, so I don’t know why it’s acting like this.
But sure, I’ll give it a try