Half Remembered Dream

Made and Rendered in Blender 2.59
This is my attempt to recreate the castle scene from the movie Inception. It has over 5 million faces. So I had to render and then composite the several pieces together to get the final result.
Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. :eyebrowlift2:


Did you use particles for the lightening roof?

Actually no, the lamps on the roof are a separate render, they are made of arrays of a single lamp(one of the reasons the poly-count got to 5 million). To simulate the light from the lamps I used an area lamp pointing downwards. And the rest was done with composting.

Very faithful representation. I would say it’s dark but the movie scene was as well. Well done.

Try turning up the contrast and see what you get.


you could decrease the ammount of polygons 5 milhon is way too mutch for this scene, it s looking cool but you exagerated the polygons.

Aniway great job, I didntneeded to read the post to know what was this scene, its not 100% realistic but its nice, congratulations!

you can use the particle system hair. attached the object. and the emssion set to the verticles so you will create a grid… and done… :smiley:

wow! why didn’t I think of that! thnx

looking good there. Imo i like the original better than the high contrast

I think the scene is good as it is, you don’t need to rise the contrast.