Half smooth model

so, I’m making a car and the model had always been rather smooth. But now I can see all the individual faces in some parts, as seen on the left side on the picture. As far as I know, I haven’t changed any options and I’m not using subsurf. What’s causing this and how can I solve it?

First way to do it: Go into object mode, then select your model and go to mesh tools in the buttons panel, and click smooth. This issue happens when extruding I don’t know why.

Second way to do it: Hit A to select everything in your model, and then hit Smooth down in the mesh tools hit Smooth.

Heppy blending (also, why not using 2.56? It’s very good and within few weeks 2.49b will be completely outdated. Also, most people are using it now, so the change may help you with getting advice, as even some complete noobs are just starting on 2.5 and know nothing else)

The part that is rendering with sharp corner is where meshes meet close to 90 degrees. A hard angle, not round. Try beveling it.