Halloween Night (beginning of a story, you write the rest)

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All right, everybody, here’s the explanation of why there’s no middle or end of this story. I want you guys to write them. In school, I did a kind of assignment like this twice where someone starts a story, then passes it to someone else who continues it until the teacher says to write the ending. Think about what has been said in the story so far, and try to write the ideas of yours into the story. Anyway, if I don’t start soon, it will be finished in November (remember, on Halloween, someone finish the story), so here’s the story:

On Halloween night, there have been bizarre occurrences in the town of Derrab. On November 1st, there are always 5 bodies found somewhere. Sometimes there are wounds, sometimes there aren’t. The thing is, all of these occurrences happen at precisely 11:25.

(acasto) #2

Then aliens blew up the entire world and no one was left to keep the story going.

The End

Really, it would be funner to talk about what were all going to do for halloween. Any good parties? I’m thinking of running up to Wester Carolina University and stay with some freinds. Hence the word STAY, because I doubt I will want to come home that night 8)

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Shut up acasto (no offense)! I think making a story would be fun.

Anyway, I’ll continue the story now:

Kelly Prestley had just gotten out of tuba practice, and it was late because she had been framed for putting a whoopie cushion on the instructor’s chair. Naturally, she wasn’t in the best of moods. As she was walking home, she suddenly shivered, for she had just heard…

(Dani) #4

She froze.Looked quickly
around… left, right. Nothing showed up. Had she really heard that sound? Actually, she couldn’t be sure, a strong wind was blowing over the city, making shutters knock, garbage cans shiver and automne leaves lift into the air, curling like demons
around trees… like demons! she was going totally crazy! An ice cold shiver burst into her body, from the spine to her finger tips.She frowned, pulled up her long cloak’s collar to protect her throat from the wind, and stuck firmly her hands deep into
her pockets, decided not to leave her own imagination frighten her and turned to face the street.Of all things she could have imagined, none would have frightened her as much as…

(Pheonix) #5

The sight of Barney the Purple dinosaur walking down the street. Suddenly, his eyes turned and looked towards her and he broke into the “I Love You, You love Me” song. Kelly turned and ran as hard as she ever had, But the sound of Barney’s odd looking feet hitting the sidewalk got nearer and the singing louder as Barney started to catch up…

(Fort Max) #6

Then out of nowhere the sound of her pursuers feet stopped. She turned to see why and was horrified at the sight before her eyes. Barney had grown huge hideous horns and sharp pointy things all over his body.

It was at this point that he summoned his army of the dead which consisted of 5 ugly dead people (some which had wounds :slight_smile: ). Kelly decides to check the time 11:25 what the army of undead did next was more hideous than anything ever witnessed… :stuck_out_tongue:

(acasto) #7

A beast from hell, it’s razor teeth dripping with hot saliva, came up to her. It walked on all fours much like a dog, yet was not a dog. It’s powerful jaws surrounded by bulging muscles on a huge black head turned to look at her. It’s black empty eyes stared into her soul as a red glow started to eminate out from the darkness of the beasts gaze. The beast was not the devil, but a manifestation of her darkest thoughts. Primal rage that exsists down inside of her, possesing such a hatred for herself, had created a creature that came strait from the gates of hell which exsists within everyone of us.

At that moment it leaped for her, pinning her to the ground. As she inhaled to scream, she felt the teeth of the beast pierce her chest cavity as a tooth sank into the tissue of her lung. A sharp pain shot through her body as a strange feeling of warmth came up her throat. As she went to scream, what should’ve been wasn’t. Instead blood came streaming from her throat in a fountain or fluid. As the involuntary reaction to inhale again came, there was a gurgling as the blood was sucked into her other lung. She then convulsed and coughed as a flow of red poured from her mangled chest and out her mouth down onto the sidewalk.

There was then a horrendus tearing crunch as the beast tore her chest apart. Blood shot strait into the air as arteries were severed. With every beat of her heart, a gush of thick fluid would follow. A spray of read was covering everything nearby. A few meters away from her wrangling suffering body lay what was left of her ribcage. In the few moments of life she had left, she saw her ribs laying there beside her and the mangled flesh dangling from them with the fresh thick blood dripping off of them. She then looked down and could see her heart hanging from the side of her wide open chest cavity.

The beast no longer tore into her, but just sat there and watched with the souless gestures as the fluid by which life was sustained in her drained onto the surrounding sidewalk. She saw the heart beat once, and again, then as it slowed, and the flow of red came to an ooze, her vision began to fade, as did the beast.

For in the moments before death, she realized she had not been attacked. But had committed suicide.

(Pheonix) #8

Fort Max said

Then out of nowhere the sound of her pursuers feet stopped. She turned to see why and was horrified at the sight before her eyes. Barney had grown huge hideous horns and sharp pointy things all over his body.

Barney doesn’t need horns or spines. he already is the supreme evil.

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Ahh, where would we be without CubeFan’s daily useless thread. I can just smell it from 20 miles away.
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