Happy Halloween.Yeah I know it’s kinda late cuz Halloween was 7 days ago.

Hope you like it!:grinning:


pretty cool. nice work, i like it. how did you made the fog?


Really nice atmosphere and lighting :ok_hand:

Wow. Really great. How long did this take to render? I always need to let any atmospherics render over night on a single 1080 TI.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow this one of the best renders I have seen in a while !
Hopefully it will get on the featured row !

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Thank you so much,@bartv I am really happy about this!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thanks so much @bartv

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Solid, professional work. It feels like an ad. Love it.

Very good rendering of the lighting atmosphere, how do you keep the scene so low noise during fogging.

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Awesome work, Sanidhya, really like the lighting and overall mood. Happy belated Halloween.

“Artwork like this is the reason why Halloween is still my favorite end-of-year holiday.” :slight_smile:

The only suggestion that I’d make is that the pumpkins really need a stem. That is to say, given all the light and particularly the fog, I really don’t see the clear outline of the pumpkins. Nor the ground-plane, which is somewhat blown out.

But … I will be the first to say, “these are quibbles.” Definitely nice. (I think I’ll right now take a very different path through the forest …)

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Fantastic work the atmosphere is spot on, also love the volumetric s!

Thanks man and actually the pumpkins do have stems but they are not visible due to dense fog.