Halloween plans? (since people are already making jack-o-lantern images)

What are your plans for Halloween? We’d all like to know.

We’ve been getting more into it then past years, it started by making a face in one of our pumpkins to me wearing a krispy kreme hat and playing spooky music and then the year after that wearing a dog mask.

This year my mother got me an ugly looking mountain man mask which i’m going to wear to greet the little trick-or-treaters. I may also wear dirty clothes to complete the look. I’m also going to post the halloween rules i’ve done 2 years ago on the wall but no one looks at them anyway.

I can’t even respond to this, there are so many things I want to say…

im going out to the desert the weekend before with a bunch of friends to drive our trucks around out there (hopefully nothing else breaks on mine like always :P)

ill have to go get a mask so i can wear it while im driving around haha

I plan to remove the mask that I wear in my daily life and face the world in my true essence, in oppositional definance to tradition. I can definitely frighten more people that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably go trick or treating. No joke. It’s fricken free candy, man.

One year I went to various houses to get candy to give away. In my neighborhood it’s usually the little ones that come first and then later some older kids doing it for kicks come by.

oh in addition to my above post im probably going to buy 10-20 huge bags of candy cause im 20 and it would be a bit odd to go trick or treating :smiley:

'Course, some of us simply thrive on being a bit odd… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be too disturbing to see a 21-year-old knocking your door with an axe and say: “Trick or treat?”

:smiley: Don’t worry people, I don’t celebrate Halloween.

I’ll be 18 by then so me Trick-or-treating would be very unusual, besides I have to give out the candy and keep our easily excitable Beagle out of the way.

I’m definitely not going to do anything special. Well, probably I’ll get angry when the doorbell rings for the 4th or 5th time and I’ll give them the creeps instead of sweets…

Wait, most likely I won’t be at home either way…lucky :slight_smile:

No, I’m not a fan of halloween :smiley:

Same here, about the late bit. I think there’s a 12 o’clock curfew (sp). The older kids come out around 8:00, becuase by then it’s thoroughly dark, and screw around with people, and get candy. It’s pretty sweet, usually.

i’m gonna be a pirate. (making my own costume of course. this might even bead my cousin it costume from last year)

my friends and i’ll go trickortreating for a little while on the way to this one dude’s party, crash it, steal the chicks, and share the candy with them.:cool:

no jokes.

Thinking of volunteering at a haunted house nearby. Used to volunteer at a place back in Virginia, USA and absolutely love it! I had a “IT” (remember the stephen king movie?) costume and I found a perfect spot right behind a flap (The haunted house was in 2 row of army tent) where I could see ppl coming through a thin slit above the flap. One of my favorite memory of that night was when a crowd of young kids (like around 10-14 yrs old) was pushed back by a single boy, who seems to be the oldest of them, over the fence behind them (Repeat: a whole crowd pushed over a fence by a single scared boyhttp://www.miba.auc.dk/%7Emagnus/EDB/00Download/Coccinella-0.94.5Src/images/smileys/smiley-evil.gif). Very nearly took down 2 of the tent at the either end of the fence. That was like 8 years ago, man I missed it.

And yet they’re the only ones who read my halloween rules on the wall.

We close down to trick-or-treaters at around 9 like so many other houses so they have a harder time finding free candy.

I’m probably going to find some way to get into trouble again and just like last year, not plan on trick-or-treating (I’m 17) but then end up slapping together a costume and doing it at the last minute.

I’m going to take my little sister so I might as well.

my halloween plan is to finish this game i have been workin on for a wile now.

here is the blend file

as you can see it still has many flaws. if you have any suggestions please comment.

I don’t celebrate halloween. Too commercial and a pointless holiday.

In Australia, Halloween Is not quite as popular as USA, but My friends Autistic daughter celebrates her birthday on haloween so we have a big celebration. Costumes, bbq, Jack’o’lanterns everywhere. Pumkin soup for months. hehe
May I advance you a big :smiley: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:p only 20 more to go and you can catch up to me.:wink: Just avioding the rush.

Halloween… in Europe we only have it because we stole it from the Americans :confused:
I never did “trick or treat” 'cause that would really’ve startled people.
Among other things.