Halloween stuff

it was rather simple =)
i did some sculpt, after i did retopology and just paint it =)
The first pumpkin high poly model:

Carved highpolys:

1.HDRI map light

2.Point lights

3.Backlight (rim light)

4.And finally one direct light for coloring all to the mystery green =)

After all this, there were hard choices for the color scheme.


You’re #featured!

Amazing! And thanks for the breakdown, simple but effective!

Damn, that’s a sexy one !
Thanks for the breakdown, always interesting to see !

really good work! :+1:

Ahh, yes. “'tis the season.” Very nicely done.

Well done :+1: :+1: :+1:

Well Done.Love the lights and setting you have here, including the sculpt of your pumpkins.

Can i ask why you did do retopo with these. So most details we se now is framed baked maps than?

Not sure how you transferred such hi details to the new retopologized mesh

Thanks for question.
You can go the sketchfab and look to matcap render vs matcap+surface render.


So if i got it right, you first made a simple base mesh. Then did a retopo to get clean topology and than did details sculpt on top of that?

This text got me a bit confused in what order is was done.
“i did some sculpt, after i did retopology and just paint it =)”

Wow Sketchfab scene look so stunning!!! They have been upgrading as well, the quality is insane these days.

So it was same. i make sculpt with dynamic topology, then make retopology by hands. After that i baked details to normal map, occlusion map and other.

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Did anyone else noticed the creepy skull peeking through the fence in the second picture? . ___.


Yes :laughing: ! it is the skull of the son of Alien :rofl:

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I really enjoy the third picture with all the pumpkins!

Awww ! :star_struck:

This is both spooky and gorgeous!

Really fantastic work ‘-’
Do you have an website? Do you sell courses or tutorials? I’m sure the whole community could learn a lot from you.

No, Unfortunately i have no web site, and i no sell tutorials, i think my talent not so high level for this =)
But i have instagram and artstation page. And If someone has questions, suggestions or offers, then write to email or telegram.

awesome. beautiful work