Hey everyone.

Its a hallway i plucked from my head. Focused on lighting.

Is it realistic u think?

Thnx for looking.


I don’t think it’s quite there if realism is what you were going for. Things are just kind of strange. What material is the ceiling supposed to be? Right now it looks like no material I’ve ever seen (maybe high gloss plastic?). The walls are the same exact color/texture as the floor? I think the modeling is ok, but it’s hard to say there’s been any texture work at all put into this.

That being said I don’t mean to sound like a nay sayer. It’s certainly in the upper half of work posted here in the finished projects section. I can see you’ve put some thought and work into this. Very nice job.

postprocessing needed to add realism

Uh… Cutting back on prepositions to save time? IMO that’s not the problem here at all.

I really have no idea where im at with all this Orchid. I love 3D and have a passion for it, want to really understand all of it, specially the artistic side of things, however, i can not seem to think that their is a serious problem with ‘progression’ im just not ‘getting’. Pisses me off.

I get it, just not getting it.

I think its amazing, wish I could do something so good!

the lighting is good, but the materials are too specular

you should also add some visible light features like ceiling lamps to show where the light is coming from, because i see no light sources

also, luxrender or indigo would be good for a scene like this

Oddly enough, I was going to say the exact same thing. I’d also add that floor and the walls seems to almost meld together, so maybe try tweaking the lighting and the materials to enhance the corners. Other than that, good work!