Halo Custom Edition

i downloaded Halo Custom Edition so that i could edit halo maps and other multiplayer things. however, after downloading it, i found out that i needed 3d Digital Mapping software. GearBox (and HaloCE & HET tutorials) recommended eds Max 9… which i found out is $3,425… so i figured i would download a free alternative, and one of my clan members recommended blender. so i downloaded it and tried to install the blitzkeig (HaloCE) plugin, and it wont work. also, blender wont let me edit the Halo files. one of my other clan members said he tried this a while ago and that i needed to download a custom module importer.
could someone help me with this? i am confused and slightly agitated. thanks

Sorry but not only can I not answer your question but you also posted this in the wrong thread. This thread is to discuss the Blender Game Engine. This question should go in the Python & Plugins thread.

3ds max is a requirement. The Blitzkrieg exporter is used to export geometry and animation data. Blitzkrieg is made only for 3ds max as 3ds max is Bungie’s modeling and animation tool of choice. Blitzkrieg was made for them, it was not initialy intended to be used by the public and so there is only a build for 3ds max.

There is good news however… The JMA and JMS files that are exported from Blitzkrieg are in a ascii format. So you can pretty much open them in notepad and see the readable data that is inside. These files are then compiled using tool. But because of their format it should be easy to write an exporter in python for use in blender…

I’ll get working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok thank you. sorry about posting this in the wrong thread. i am new to this forum and i had spent the last hour surfing the web to find answers to my problem… but never once found it addressed anywhere…