Halo objects behind raytraced transparent glass


I am trying to render LEDs behind glass (such as a car headlight). Is it possible to render halos behind raytraced transparent glass? I have read other threads saying that ZTransp should work. I’d like to use Ray Transp instead. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!



I don’t know of any way to make halos appear behind RayTransp Materials.

But you could use a transparent plane with a sphere blendtexture assigned to it, to fake the halo.
Setting an higher emit value gives some glowing.
This works and you can use this billboard with dupliverts if you want to have the pseudohalos stick to more than one vertices.


Thanks! Right now I’m rendering the LEDs separately (then doing some blur) and then composite it with rest of the image. I’ll give your method a try. I haven’t looked into the blend texture yet :slight_smile: