halo or lensflare ?

hey blenderpeople
i want to produce automated animated lens flare FX
(with additional moving rings accross the screen)

i search the forum and sombody talked about doing it with the “halo” material

then another postet “this is a halo, not a lens flare”

is there a difference in blender ?
is there another tool for lensflare than halomaterials ?

thx so much

There is something about the blender 2.5 & Durian to-do list that mentions adding lense flairs to the Blender internal renderer.

In the meantime I guess you are going to have to fake it or do it with 3rd party software, perhaps in the composite. I seem to recall After Effects can do lense flairs.

May I suggest a quick work around. If you have a camera trackto empty parent a halo material vert to it. If not then add one or parent it to the camera with an offset. Do a render layer with just this single vert and then do alpha over in the compositor.