Halo Reach: Assault Rifle, Requesting some help with shading issues!

Sooo I’ve been working on this off and on and I was going to try to texture it today, however I was having issues with smooth shading the object. Not just in the blender file I had it saved in, but even with the OBJ file that I exported it to. I double checked to make sure that I didn’t have any split edges, or modifiers on the rifle that’d cause this problem, and they don’t exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated! [P3D]https://p3d.in/wDFAs[/P3D]


rife.blend (1.33 MB)

Could you be more specific about what the shading problem is? I’m not sure what you’re looking for.

For starters, the scene has no lamp, so everything is black.
If it’s because the rifle looks like there’s a lot of flat shading, it’s because a lot of edges are marked as sharp. You can fix this by selecting all of the edges (or just the ones you want to be smooth), ctrl+e, clear sharp.

Oh my lord thank you so much! Yeah it was just due to them being marked as sharp. Wasn’t looking for any lighting issues or anything. Just the GLSL shading in the viewport. Thanks Grey! :smiley:

Oh wow I feel special. XD Thanks Gray! I was just trying to figure up what was wrong with the GLSL shading in the viewport.