Halos and Armatures issues

(Kid Tripod) #1

Hi, I’ve got a character with halo planes which add a glow effect to areas (a bit halo like) but when deformation with an armature takes place it screws up the halos (currently they are separate objects parented to the armature bones directly, not as a vertex group, since halos must always face -x) and they appear static at the centre of the armature.

Is there a way around this or is it just plain impossible?

(wiseman303) #2

Make the halo objects vertex-children of the vertices in the mesh that you want them to follow. Parenting to bones doesn’t work.

(lizard809) #3

parenting to vertexs on a mesh that is affected by an armature wont work either

(Fred_Pyo) #4

So that should be in the “to-do” list of the next blender release :slight_smile:

[Bones have MANY bugs which should be fixed :-? … how about fixing that Z-Alpha (or however you call it) bug that makes transparent TGa images look like one is on top of the other when they really aren’t]

And if I keep saing more bugs… I will be writing a BIG list… so let’s just keep it like this…


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