Hal's Eye

I am trying to model the Eye of Hal. I am using a simple halo circle and a couple of hemisferes. The model is simple but the materials are not so simple to get the desired effect.

This is the original.

Attached is my first result and here the blend file so you can see the settings.

I will appreciate any hint and C&C.


The original HAL eye is more convex. The halo circles seem like the right choice – the yellow (pupil?) is good, the red part could use some tweaking. Odd: the red looks better with a render I did straight from your blend file. You might have to move the trim piece and its lighting into its own layer to keep the reflection off the eye.

I can’t wait to see it with overhead light panels and no lamp.

Thank you g60. I will continue this thread at the Visual Effects & Rendering forum, I think it belongs there.