Hammer and sickle

Hammer and sickle. Used to be on communist russias flag :expressionless:

What ya think? It aint good but i want to know your oppinion… %|


Textures need some work, but that is a very good rendition of the emblem, tovarisch. :smiley:

Swords into plowshares and all that. :wink: :slight_smile:

Red. Where is red colour?

Sickle is flying in air. Its hand is covered with dark colour, but it is still visible.

BTW: I HATE communists in a way I cannot express. And here in Poland we have reasons to do so.

Political connotations aside (lets try and keep this thread on the 3d and not on communism which history has proven not to not work)

The red color is clearly missing as said above. The lighting is too dark. Turn up the spot light and make it wider (because you are not lighting all your scene correctly). Find some better textures too.

well i dont like communists 2 (i live in Estonia) but there aint a law to stop me from doing this. But strange isn’t it? The communist regime has killed more people that died in the Second World War.
but back to the point now…
i made textures but yeah, they didn’t come out quite good. And if you see a hammer and sickle in real life are they red? if i made em read then it would me lame… :expressionless:

Make the background red.

You could also make the sickle reflect a photo of the Kremlin, giving it a shining appearance.

Just ideas.

This maybe grafting my own interpretation onto the art (but then again, isn’t that part of the artistic experience?), but I like the fact that this is a picture of “just” a hammer and sickle. No inherent political statement in that. Two tools, and that’s it. Any greater meaning is that which we project onto them; meaning that we have been conditioned to find.

If I made a scene with a shovel and a scewdriver, it wouldn’t have any particular “meaning.” :slight_smile: But our Estonian friend has delivered a scene that is both simple and complicated at the same time. :slight_smile:

In re-looking at it, it might make the scene more compelling also to texture in some scrapes and “wear and tear” on the tools. Make them look old, but still useable. That might increase the incongruity of them as both symbols and “just tools.”

All IMHO, naturally.