Hammershus Castle - WIP

Recent update (May 7, 2019):
Two animations ready (combined in same video):

I’m embarking on a new castle reconstruction, Hammershus Castle at Bornholm, Denmark.
It is the largest castle ruin in Denmark, and probably one of the largest castles in Northern Europe.

I got hold on some drawings and photos of physical reconstruction models.

This is the Mantel Tower, it is the largest tower of the castle, which I’ve just finished.

Notice the bricks among the rocks at the windows. I had to physically model each and every one of them to match the real world:

I used a displacement modifier and a cloud texture with an empty for the brick-models around the windows. This allowed me to speed up the process of making variations on the bricks around the windows.

Notice the roof as the roof tiles almost seem physically modelled. Only the bottom part of the roof tiles are modelled, this allow me to have a smaller poly count, and only have a plane for the rest of the roof tiles.

I made the textures of the bricks and rocks in GIMP.


Any suggestions, critique or other comments?

Very nice indeed. A suggestion is to bend and warp the wood a little. The beam with the hanging chain seems a bit off. Is it meant to hang victims? Otherwise it lacks a purpose and just looks like a random addition.

Thanks for the tip. In regards to the beam with the hanging chain, I’m unsure of its purpose but it was on one of the reconstruction drawings I found. It has a hook at the end, I believe the hook was used as a sort of pulley for a rope, to hoist supplies. Then you grab the chain and get the bags or whatever.

I’m sure it has a purpose, I’m just not sure which purpose.

The most likely time to take a picture of this castle is shortly before sunset or shortly after sunrise when strong light will be illuminating the front face and also (because the castle probably does not face exactly due-east/west) some portion of the side.

Thanks. You clearly know something about this castle! I will take this lighting tip into consideration when rendering the castle.

Nice work on the stone and brick texturing. I think the beam, hook and door on a top floor are common for buildings that were used to store supplies - particularly in preparation for sieges. It’s a lot easier & faster to hoist the supplies up than carry them up the stairs.

I suppose it might have worked like that, but the narrow radius of the hook would tend to damage the rope I would think. Block and tackle pulleys have been around since ancient times, so that seems more likely. Maybe the pulley was attached to the hook when in use?

Looking great, nice work so far. The only thing I’m not sure about is the bottom, lighter coloured bricks look at little flat, yet the top ones look great. Other than that, the same as what everyone else is saying. The wood looks a little new, maybe do some texture paint and make the edges and the end of the pole darker. Good work, keep it up :grinning:

Some new updates, using the Eevee render. I’ve finally made the terrain. Some height map, combined with photo, of course I had to paint some of it myself:

And the other side:

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Now with castle gate. See first post.

First and Second episode of the Secrets of Hammershus Animation is ready.

Includes both the Gatehouse and Mantel Tower animation/reconstruction: