Hand for bigger project

Hey guys!

This hand here is goin to be part of a bigger scene but the hand will be in focus. I have done quite alot but it is allways good to hear some C&C before I continue my work on the surroundings.


i like the way the skin turned out, you might want to tweak the thumb a little bit it seems a little off, but over all pretty good

Yeah, the thumb looks horrible, doesn’t it :-/

I think I gotta re-model that one from scratch.

Here is a new version of it,


Nice hand, the veins are really cool, but the back of the hand looks like it curves in? The thumbs a liitle skinny also.

Yes, the texture is a bit skew, I noticed I need to put an alpha channel on the nails aswell, they are a bit to solid.

THe nails seem like they have polish on them…
It is good though, except for the thumb. and the Index finger is long for what appears to be a male’s hand

Nice texture, but the finger proportions appear off.

the second finger is the longest, the third finger is usually the second longest, although the first finger can come close or match it in length. (Wikimedia Commons image)

I just managed to dedicate some time for this project and made a few changes that brought it to life. Allthough there are some work to be done on the fingertips I am allmost satisfied with this peice.

I also added some “faked SSS”, or what I think is “faked SSS”, since I don’t know how to make real SSS in blender I suppose it is fake since I have some translucency in the skin. Render time is 4 min 16 sek, dont know if that is good or bad, havent done this stuff before.