Hand model

A very useful body part to have hanging around in case it needs to be attached to someone. This is one of the base models that I’m making to build my model library so that creating characters can be a much quicker and effective process.
I’ve found in the past that hands are tricky to model. they have a lot of minor details that need to be self-contained in the hand and not add large vertex counts to the rest of the character model. It presented a challenge, but I think this hand can really help me to save time.

I textured it very quickly just to see how it would look if lined up with a hand image just painted over the top, and I was rather pleased. I’m sure that there are things I can do to improve it in the future, and I’d love to hear any suggestions.

Resources and References used

  • Hand anatomy images
  • Review of other hand model topology for inspiration
  • Pictures of hands, both my own and from google images

Hay! looks pretty good!
try to find some help in the next link -

thank you that is a great selection, one can never have too many references.

There’s no way I could make such a good hand. Maybe you could lend me a hand​ some time. Buh dum tss.