Hand painted, Jungle diorama

Hello im making a little hand painted scene based on
Everything was made using blender, screenshots were made in bge. I would appreciate some feedback, any taughts?

Work done so far.


handpainted is my favorite game style. nice job :+1: it looks awesome!

Looks awesome,

I am curious, are you painting in the highlights and shadows too? or do you paint more of an albedo map and lets the lights and shadows be dynamic with the actual lighting in the scene?

wow that thing looks amazing !!!
i think the only thing that is missing, but not important, is the AO ,
i am not sure if this is BGE or UPBGE ? becuase on BGE you cant have AO without a script !!!

@Nicholas_A Nice to hear that.
@Icyou520, its more of a diffuse texture than albedo, there is ao, bounce light and ofc light painted in. On top of this, there is few light sources.
@alf0, its bge. Ive tested some horizontal based ao code made by someone but it was not looking good cause all of this assets are crazy low poly and all of imperfections of geo were showed to much. I will check upbge just to see what kind of code they have. Thanks for the tip.


will with or without … the result looks amazing !!!

How much poligons\triangles in the scene?

Nice job. Sooper nice.