Hand Painted Trees?


I am just learning Blender since about 2 Months and often used this forum for help but I can’t find any posts on this topic.

I am working on game assets and currently stuck at trees. We are making a game that should have a hand painted look like Dota2, League of Legends, Torchlight etc…

I managed to create similar trees like in League of Legends but I can’t figure out how they did the models for the trees they use in Dota2.

Here are some reference images of what I mean.

League of Legends (not that hard to recreate)

DotA2 (the left ones)

I hope someone can give me an advice. Thank you

You’ll probably want to check some tree modeling tutorials, especially including low-poly. I recall BlenderGuru having a good one.
Then maybe look into some tutorials on hand-painting textures in Blender. There are some decent ones on YouTube if you search. Between those you can probably figure out how to approach it.
Sorry I can’t provide links at the moment.